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ogation and was sentenced to life. In February 201▓5, the DNA test found the man was innocent.▓Feb. 13The CNN reported on its website that press freedom deteriorated sinc

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e 2009 in ▓the United States. Journalists and news supervision authorities had continually slammed the current U.S. administration, which stubbornly hampered the disclosure of government informa▓tion, as one of the least transparent. At least 15 journalists were arrested in Ferguson protests.On the same da▓y, The Wa

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shington Post website reported that Richard Carlin, an unarmed 35-year-old Hispanic man, w▓as shot by police in a house in Pennsylvania.Feb. 15T▓he Washington Post website reported that Lavall Hall, an unarmed 25-year-old mentally-ill black ▓man, was shot by police on a street in ▓Miami Gardens, Florida, after he refus

nsylvania, sho

ed to drop a broomstick handle.Feb. 18According to a report on the CNN website, whites had 12 times the wea▓lth of blacks and nearly 10 times more than Hispanics. Some 42 percent of blacks aged 25 to 55 had col▓lege loans, compared to 28 percent of whites. "The American Dream remains out of reach for many African-A

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merican and Hispanic families."Feb. 20The Washington Post website reported that Ruben Villalpando, an unarmed 31-year-old Hispanic man, was▓ shot by police on a street in Euless, Texas▓, as he walked toward an officer's patrol car with his hands up.Feb. 27The Washington ▓Post website reported that Ernesto Javiar Canep

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a Diaz, an unarmed 27-year-old Hispanic man, was shot by po▓lice in a vehicle in Santa Ana, California.Fe▓b. 28The Washington Post website reported that Deven Guilford, an unarmed 17-year-old male, was shot seven tim▓es by police on a street in Roxand Township, Michigan, during an altercation with a police officer.O

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n the same day, the website reported that Thomas Allen, an unarmed 34-year-old black man, was shot by ▓police in St Louis, Missouri, during an altercatio▓n with a police officer.Please scan▓ the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan ▓the QR Code to follow us on WechatThe State Council Information Office of the P

ld man, with a Tas

eople's Republic of China published a report titled "Human Rights Record of the United States in 2015" on Thursday.Fu▓ll text: Human Rights Record of the United States i

  • n 2015Human Rights Record United States State Council Information Office guns personal security rac▓ial conflict04-14-2016 18:26 BJTBEI

    as he lay o

  • JING, April 14 (Xinhua) -- The State Council Information Office of the ▓People's Republic of China published a report titled "Hum

    n the

ureau of Investiga

an Rights Record of the United States in 2015" on Thursday.▓Following is the full text of the report:Human Rights Record of the United States in 2015▓State Council Inform

tive Journal

ism released a study which said at least 2,4

ation Office of the People's Re▓public of ChinaApril 2016ForewordOn April 13 local tim▓e, the State Department of the United States rel▓eased its country reports on human

64 people ha

d been killed by U.S. drone strikes outside

rights practices. It made comments on the human rights situation in many countries once again while being t▓ight-lipped about its own terrible human rights record and

the country'

s declared war zone▓s since 2009. The researc

showing not a bit of intention to reflect on it. In 2015, the United S▓tates saw no improvement in its existent human rights issues, but reported numerous new problems▓

h also showe

d there had been nearly nine times more stri

. Since the U.S. government refuses to hol▓d up a mirror to look at itself, it has to be done with other people's help.The following facts about the U.S. human rights si

kes in the c

urrent U.S. administration in Pakistan, Ye

tuation in 2015 are supported by irrefutable records.-- The use of guns was out of control in the United States, which severely threatened citizens' right of l▓ife. Th

men and Soma

lia than there were under his predecessor.Fe

e frequent occurrence of shooting incidents was the▓ deepest impression left to the world concern▓ing the United States in 2015. There were a total of 51,675 ▓gun violence

b. 4The Washington P

incidents in the United States in 2015 as of December 28, leaving 13,136 killed and 26,493 injured.-- Citizens' persona▓l security could not be guaranteed with▓ the exce

street in Pasc

ssive use of violence by police. Police sho▓t dead 965 people last year as of December 24, and the abuse of power by the police did not res▓ult in discipline. "Justice for

Freddie"▓ prote

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day, the Equal
Justice Initiati?/h5>
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lynchings i
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ited States,
which documented
3,959 racial terror

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Chicago took to the street to demand justice in the death of Laquan MacDonald, and protesters in Minneapolis camped outside a police precinct after Jamar▓ Clark was shot

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social c

dead by police.-- The prison system in the U▓nited States was pla



gued by corruption and severely violated inmates' human rights.

of decades

of terror l

The guards in a pri▓son in Florida scalded a mentally-ill inmate

ynchings can still b

Darren R▓ainey to death in hot shower. The guards in Lowell Correctional Institution, the nation's largest women's prison, pressured hundreds of female inmates to barter

Your Company App Namee see▓n in many communities today

sex for basic

necessities an▓d a shield from abuse, and 57 inmates

have died in

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